Love and Lots of Sugar

I'm a photographer. I'm a baker. I like to sleep with the windows open. I never drink tea. And I always double-knot my shoelaces.

Rusty Shackleford just licked a picture of eggplant parmesan. NO RUSTY THAT IS A $75 BOOK.

Meanwhile, at culinary school…


Apparently, this is how a machine ices a cake!

I see a lot of bubbles in that icing.

7 hour shift:
Iced 24 cakes
Decorated 15 of them
Did 8 dozen cupcakes
Clocked out 1 minute early.

Efficiency is a beautiful thing.

Congratulations to all the new CPO selectees!

Onion brûlée. Added to broth for the last 5 minutes of simmering, to add color.

I recreated a friend’s wedding cake for his 10th anniversary. And then I had extra batter, frosting, and filling, so I made some cupcakes, too.
(White cake with cannoli filling and Swiss meringue buttercream. YUM.)

My precision cuts have a long way to go in the next 5 weeks.