Love and Lots of Sugar

I'm a photographer. I'm a baker. I like to sleep with the windows open. I never drink tea. And I always double-knot my shoelaces.

Happy Summer!

Cupcakes for a Cub Scout pool party. I may have made twice as many as I needed to. CUPCAKE FOR LUNCH TOMORROW.

I’m not as bothered as I thought I would be by not being allowed to design the cakes myself. It’s certainly faster this way. I’m averaging 8 minutes per cake.

My BIL’s front yard is a blueberry patch.

Cupcakes have been selling like mad lately!


The cake I made for my son’s Captain America party yesterday. :)


Happy Independence Day!

I like special orders.

Look what I found at the dollar store! Packed lunches are going to be 15x more awesome now.

Seven quarts of tonkatsu in the pressure canner…two more in freezer jars. That’s, like, a week’s worth of ramen, right?